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 technology and resources 

 mobile equipment kits 

Lab mobile equipment can be booked by lab members via the Patron Portal. (GEM Lab Checkout Center) Equipment pick-up and drop-off times are listed on the booking page as well.


A partial version of the equipment reservation agreement is found at the bottom of the page.

 lab stations 

Lab stations can be booked by lab members via the Patron Portal. (GEM Lab Workstations Checkout Center) Stations can be used on a drop-in basis, however bookings will have priority. 

The stations are available 24/7 with certain caveats, more information is available on the booking page.

 video equipment 

Video Section.png

The majority of the following equipment is available to lab members without the need for accreditation with the exception of the Canon XA30 camcorders and Sony A7sII kits.

 perspective cameras 

Standard action cameras are available in the form of the Go Pro Hero 4 (4k capable) and Drift Ghost-S (long runtime).

More experimental perspectives can be obtained with the Panasonic HXA500 (4k eye level camera) and the Giroptic 360cam (2.7k 360° camera).

All of these cameras have entries on the website with manuals and user guides.

 advanced cameras 

These professional cameras are available with accreditation with the lab technician. The Canon XA30s are small form factor 1080p professional camcorders with XLR audio.

The Sony A7sII is a fully featured video focused mirrorless camera, it records in full frame 4k.


There are tripods provided which can be reserved seperately as well as an XLR audio adapter and cinema accessories for the A7sII.

All of these cameras have entries on the website with manuals and user guides.

 audio equipment 

The majority of the following equipment is available to lab members without the need for accreditation.

Audio Section.png
 audio recorders 

Three audio recorders are available from the lab. These are all small form factor recorders that are generally user friendly. Note that batteries are not provided by the lab (AAs).

The Zoom H2n is the smallest recorder, featuring a 4 pickup pattern capsule ideal for voice capture and ambiance recording.

The Zoom H5 and H6 both feature included stereo capsules for direct recording as well as XLR inputs for recording from various external microphones. The H5 features 2 XLR inputs, while the H6 features 4 xlr inputs.


The lab provides two shotgun mic kits featuring the RODE NTG2, a compact shotgun microphone that can also be self powered using a AA battery. These can be used with the Handy Recorders or Canon XA30 camera kits. (Note: these kits do not include a boompole or blimp, but do include cabling.)

There is also a stereo mic kit, the RODE Stereo Video Mic Pro, which features it's own lyre shock protection system. It connects via 3.5mm jack or via dual XLR adapter.

 lab stations and equipment 

The lab workstations can be booked without the need for accreditation, however to use the attached scanners it is either suggested (Epson DS-50000 flatbed) or required (Blackmagic Cintel Film Scanner) that you do an introduction workshop with the lab technician. This is also recommended for the digitization station (Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle.)

Lab Stations.png
 lab stations 

The lab workstations are Mac Pro computers equipped with Adobe CC programs which students can log into via their concordia netname accounts. (Note that due to COVID this is currently restricted to students actively enrolled in Fine Arts Classes.)

The stations are also equipped with other programs suited to media work and the equipment attached to the station. (Davinci Resolve, Audio Hijack, OBS, Audacity, etc.)

Users must bring their own hard drives or other storage media.

 film scanner 

The lab hosts a Blackmagic Cintel 16mm and 35mm film scanner. The scanner is capable of 4k resolution from a 35mm print or negative and a ~1080p scan from a 16mm print or negative in RAW format.

This equipment requires a roughly 1-2 hour accreditation workshop with the lab technician. This workshop can include time to scan some of the users material.

The scanner scans to an SSD RAID drive, but users must bring their own drives to store their files.

*Note that the scanner cannot scan 8mm.

 still image scanner 

An Epson DS-50000 flatbed scanner is available at the lab for fast high resolution image scanning from prints, documents, etc.

 presentation area 

The lab features a main area with moveable tables and chairs for use in research group meetings and lab events.

For presentations, this area features a high quality 65" 4k display, monitor speakers and a media hub with the capability to playback VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray sources. It is also capable of being connected to a laptop for presentations.

If you are part of a group that wants to run a group meeting in the space, you can book to reserve a time or drop-in. However, if you wish to use the display we request that you book the room by contacting the lab technician.

 mobile equipment reservation policy 

The following is the basic policy surrounding equipment reservation for eligible lab members. A full and up to date version of this policy will be printed on your reservation contract upon equipment pickup.

  • Equipment from the lab is only to be reserved for academic and non-commercial use.

  • All equipment reserved from the lab under a researchers name is the responsibility of that researcher until it returns to the lab and cannot be transferred in the field.

  • Only lab members and/or Concordia University students are permitted to use equipment reserved from the lab.

  • Once equipment is picked up, the researcher who holds the reservation is responsible for safe transportation and storage of the equipment until it is returned to the lab at equipment drop off.

  • If equipment is damaged, destroyed or lost in the field, the researcher who reserved the equipment will be financially liable for the full cost of replacement of the equipment in question.

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