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workflow guides

This page contains links to PDF workflow guides made for various image archiving strategies relating to the equipment at the lab.

These guides are meant as refreshers or to get someone back up to speed working with the various devices in the lab, they are comprehensive, but are not meant to be seen as explaining all advanced features of the equipment.

These guides are updated regularly as refinements are made to the suggested workflows. If you have questions about the workflows found here please contact the lab technician at

Film Scanner Workflow Guide

This guide describes the current established workflow for using the film scanner, including more elaboration on preparation for post production. (Note: Accreditation is still required to be permitted to work with the film scanner.) (Revision currently in progress)


Screen Recording Workflow Guide

This guide describes a basic, freeware focused, screen recording process centered around archiving live online video and interfaces.


        2020 Oct Edit (Without settings explanations due to Auto Configuration Wizard in OBS)

        2019 Guide (Full Settings Explanation)

Flatbed Scanner Workflow Guide

This guide explains the workflow for working with the EPSON DS-50000 flatbed document scanner at the lab. (Note: It is not designed as a film negative or film scanner, it is primarily for documents and prints.)

Analog Digital Video Recorder Workflow Guide

This guide provides a set of steps to working with the digital video recorder along with the provided media players in the lab and then a set of basic steps for bringing in outside equipment.

           (This guide is currently being revised)

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