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stations and lab equipment

Associated Station Identification (Webcheckout)



Equipment Specifications

Motion Picture Film Scanner

DCI 4k Image Sensor

Sprocket driven system.
(Perf damaged prints accepted on a case by case basis.)

Can scan prints, negatives and interpositive and internegative film.

Frame by frame scan output as RAW (.cri) image files.

Post-scan optical audio conversion supported in software.

35mm and S35mm (2, 3 and 4 perf) supported at a RAW 4k scan size.
(Effective Scan Size 2.5k)

16mm and S16mm supported at a RAW 1080p scan size.

(Effective Scan Size 960p)

Associated Equipment

Thunderbay 4 Solid State High Speed RAID Drive (footage offload medium.)

1080p Color Calibrated Inspection Screen.


Reels (16mm and 35mm. Split, metal, plastic.)

Splicers (16mm and 35mm.)

Cleaning Supplies.

Software Specifications

Blackmagic Davinci Resolve 12 Studio


File Output Data Requirements (approximative)

16mm/S16mm (@ 24fps) (1080p RAW Scan)

     009.50 Gigabytes/minute

     570.00 Gigabytes/hour

35mm/S35mm (@ 24fps) (4k RAW Scan)

     032.25 Gigabytes/minute

     001.90 Terabytes/hour

Converted Optical Audio (@ 24 fps) (Roughly 191 kbps)

     011.50 Megabytes/minute

     691.25 Megabytes/hour


Possible Workflows

Film scanning and archiving.


Blackmagic Cintel Official Manual

GEM Lab Quick Start Guide


The Cintel Film Scanner is a sophisticated device capable of scanning motion picture films of any 16mm or 35mm format (8mm not supported.)

It scans film frame by frame to discrete RAW image files allowing for color grading or restoration in post-production. The device scans at almost real time.

It is also capable of converting optical tracks found on distribution prints.

Working with the Film Scanner requires extensive accreditation and permission from the lab technician and lab head. Please contact the technician at least a few weeks before your ideal scan window.

The scanner renders film scans more accessible to researchers, however it is a long process to undertake with regular maintenance of the machine being part of this process.

Additionally, you should use the file size estimates to judge the size of hard drive you need for your project before starting a project with the scanner. While the scanner offloads to a high speed drive (to facilitate high scan speeds), files left on this offload drive are subject to deletion without notice.

Blackmagic Cintel Film Scanner
Editing Stations

The lab has two identical editing stations that also facilitate the use of specific lab equipment.

These stations are comprised of high end mac computers, with two 4k color calibrated monitors. Audio is handled through monitor headphones and an independent headphone amp.

Media can be accessed via USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 2 or DVD/CD in terms of physical media.

The stations are equipped with the Adobe Creative Cloud programs, Microsoft Work Suite, Apple Work Suite and a number of other useful programs for various workflows.

It should be noted that the stations DO NOT have storage space for projects. Researchers must provide their own storage devices or must have storage devices provided to their project.

Please note that booking the station associated with the Cintel Film Scanner does not authorize you to use the station for scanning! Contact the lab technician for accreditation on this equipment.

Station Identification (Webcheckout)




Workstation Specifications

Mac Pro Computers (Capable of 4k video editing.)

Mac OSX Operating System

Two 4k Displays (color calibrated for RGB color space.)

4 Channel Stereo Reference Headphone Amp (separate levels, TRS outputs.)

Two sets of monitor headphones.

USB 3.0 Hub (3 or 4 ports available.)

Thunderbolt 2 Ports (1 available.)

DVD/CD Writer/Reader


SAN Link Hardware 

Software Specifications

Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, Media Encoder, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Bridge and Acrobat DC. All kept to latest update.)

Microsoft Work Suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel.)

Apple Work Suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote.)

VLC, Audio Hijack, Quicktime, etc.


Possible Workflows

Video Editing, Basic Audio Editing, Still Image Editing, Graphic Design, Screen Recording, etc.


Associated Station Identification (Webcheckout)



Equipment Specifications

11 x 17 inch Flatbed Scanner

600 dpi max resolution

4 line CCD Sensor (RGB + Black)

JPEG Scan for fast or low file size scanning.

PDF Scan for archiving of multiple page documents.

TIFF Scan for high quality image storage or image retouching.

Software Specifications

Scanner operates using the Epson Scan program, allowing for a number of different workflows, from simple to very detailed.


Possible Workflows

Still image scanning and archiving. (Note: photographic film and slides not supported.)


Epson DS-50000 Official Manual

GEM Lab Quick Start Guide

Epson DS-50000 Flatbed Scanner

This is the high dpi scanner accessible to the members of the GEM Lab, it is associated with the editing station next to it.

It can provide either high speed medium to low-dpi scanning or high quality scans up to a resolution of 600 dpi.

The scanner functions on proprietary software which allows for three levels of user experience. New users will find home mode fairly automatic and more experienced users will find professional mode offers a lot of flexibility.

The Epson Scan software also allows for a variety of automated corrections and functions during the scanning process, such as dust removal, which can achieve great results when used with some experimentation in professional mode.

Associated Station Identification (Webcheckout)



Equipment Specifications

Samsung 40" 4k (UHD) Flat Screen TV

Headphone Amp with Volume Control

2 Pairs of Monitor Headphones

HDMI Link to Media Hub

Macbook Pro 15 Inch Laptop

Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt

- Analog (Composite, Component, S-Video) and HDMI inputs

- Records SD (NTSC, PAL, Progressive.)

- Records 720p (30, 50, 59.94, 60 fps.)

- Records 1080p (23.94, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 fps.)

- Records 1080i (50, 59.94, 60 fps.)
- Does not record 1080p 60 fps.

Analog RCA Cabling

Associated Equipment

Media Hub
- An HDMI Matrix that serves the Main Display and Viewing & Recording Station.

- Blu-Ray: Players for all Blu-Ray Regions.

- DVD: Players for all DVD regions.

- VHS: Player with a 4k upscaller (playback only.)

- Broadcast Television.

- Laptop: HDMI Breakout Cable with adapters (playback only.)

Software Specifications (Video Recoding)

Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Possible Workflows

Digital and Analogue video archiving. (Note, it is best to discuss your project with the lab technician if you are planning to archive material. VHS recording is possible in special situations.)


Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Quick Start Guide

GEM Lab Quick Start Guide


This station is the labs dedicated media review and recording station.

For viewing, it has a 40" 4k capable flat screen which is connected to the lab's media hub. This hub gives users access to players for a wide variety of video sources. (Blu-Ray, DVD, VHS and TV.) Where applicable there are also devices provided for the various possible regions of content (DVD/Blu-Ray.)

For recording, the station is equipped with a Laptop and the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle video recorder. Through the use of Adobe Premiere CC software, this combination allows for the recording of almost any video source from SD (NTSC or PAL) to 1080p.*


Video recording is not a simple process and it is highly suggested you book a workshop with the lab technician if you intend to start a project with the video recorder.

*See specs on the right.

Viewing & Recording Station

Associated Station Identification (Webcheckout)



The Main Presentation Area is available for reservation by lab members and lab clusters by contacting the lab technician by email. Please check the following calendar to make sure your chosen time is not already reserved.


It may take a week(+) to get a booking, so it is suggested you make your request as soon as you can in advance of your planned meeting.


To access the calendar enter your Concordia portal credentials, like with the patron portal, and then select "GEM Lab Workstations" from the drop down menu.


Equipment Specifications

Samsung 65" 4k (SUHD) Flat Screen TV

2 Klipsch Monitor Speakers

Media Hub
- An HDMI Matrix that serves the Main Display and Viewing & Recording Station.

- Blu-Ray: Players for all Blu-Ray Regions.

- DVD: Players for all DVD regions.

- VHS: Player with a 4k upscaller (playback only.)

- Broadcast Television.

- Laptop: HDMI Breakout Cable with adapters (playback only.)

4 Moveable Conference Tables
14 Dedicated Conference Chairs

6 Extra Conference Chairs (from unused stations.) 


Monitor Speakers Manual

GEM Lab Quick Guide


This is the lab's main presentation area, used for presentations, work crits, workshops, talks and cluster meetings.

It features a wall mounted 65" 4k Quantum Dot Display, two monitor speakers for sound playback and the lab's video hub for media playback.

There is also a breakout HDMI cable with adapters for presenters to use their own laptops.

Lab members are free to use the tables and chairs when other meetings are not booked, however they are encouraged to book the space for cluster meetings and group specific gatherings.

Booking for this resource are done through the lab technician and lab head. Please check the reservation section to the right.

Main Presentation Area
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