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In Progress

A GEM Lab periodical of new research



Situating the Global Village: Developmentalism and Immersion in India’s Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (SITE, 1975-76)

Sudipto Basu

SITE was more than a mere attempt to prototype a national TV grid in preparation for the launch of India’s own satellite.

Photos Courtesy the Author



Excerpt from Video Cultures in India: The Analog Era

Ishita Tiwary

In their Nov 1989 issue, TV and Video World proclaimed the 1980s to be the ‘Video Decade.’ In its cover blurb, the magazine noted that “the 80s witnessed the emergence of video as an exciting home entertainment medium” and that video has “transformed India’s social landscape”[...]

Cover Image, Screenshot of 7-11 Website, "7-11 as life infrastructure."



The Cultural Politics of In/Convenience

Joshua Neves & Marc Steinberg

The felt sense that we inhabit a convenience economy and culture is by now widespread[...]



On Epidemic Media

Bishnupriya Ghosh

Contemporary expansions of the media concept provide a starting point for what epidemic media are and what they can do.

Photos of Tashkent Festival of Cinema; Courtesy the Author



Excerpt from World Socialist Cinema: Alliances, Affinities and Solidarities in the Global Cold War

Masha Salazkina

The cinematic formation that manifested at Tashkent resists many of the categorizations that we have come to accept in film history.[...]


In Progress is an open-access periodical showcasing new works from GEM Lab researchers and collaborators. It aims to foster timely discussions around emerging media, past and present, with a particular focus on broadening conceptions of global, digital, and public culture beyond dominant North Atlantic contexts and epistemologies. The platform grows out of the GEM Lab’s Works-in-Progress series, started in 2017, a forum for experimental research methods.

In Progress publishes shortform (~1500 words) critical essays, speculative writing, and photo/video works in ten installments each year. We welcome submissions from a wide range of fields at the intersection of global and emergent media and aim to highlight the work of both graduate students and established scholars from the Montréal community and beyond.

To submit a proposal please send a short abstract and bio to our editors at: We are now soliciting our 2023 lineup.

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