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camera mounts and supports


Go Pro Head Strap

Go Pro Quick Mount

Go Pro Head Strap

Identifier: GEM_GOPHS_01 or 02

is a center of forehead head mount. It has a mounting plate at the center and three elastic adjustable straps with non-slip rubberized undersides designed to stick to your head with or without a cap.


Go Pro Quick Mount

Identifier: GEM_GOPQM_01 or 02

is a friction clip with a foam pad on the underside and a mount point on the top. This can be used to clip a Go Pro to a baseball cap, backpack strap, etc.


Go Pro Chest Harness Mount

Identifier: GEM_GOPCH_01 or 02 

which is a center of chest mount with adjustable straps.


Go Pro Roll Bar Mount

Identifier: GEM_GOPRB_01, 02 or 03

is a mount designed to fit around most posts, poles or pipes. It features two articulation points on the mount to help position the camera and a non-slip rubber inner surface to the bar clamp for secure mounting.


Go Pro Handle Bar Mount

Identifier: GEM_GOPHB_01

is a smaller version of the Roll Bar mount designed to fit around smaller diameter tubes like handlebars or the seat post on a bicycle.


Go Pro Suction Cup Mount

Identifier: GEM_GOPSC_01 or 02

which is a suction cup mount which comes with different length arms and connections to allow the camera to be positioned in multiple orientations. It is suggested for use on glass or fiberglass type surfaces.


Go Pro Helmet Mount

Identifier: GEM_GOPHM_01 or 02

this is an adhesive quick release mount to attach a Go Pro to a sports helmet (with a flat/semi-curved flat surface.) Note that you should check the “condition note” section on webcheckout to see if you will have to purchase your own adhesive mount for this accessory as there are a limited amount.

Shill Go Pro to 1/4” adapter

Identifier: GEM_GOP14_01 or 02

is a Go Pro mount attached to a male ¼” screw. If you wanted to install the Go Pro onto something you had built that has a ¼” screw hole you could use this for that purpose. A ¼” is also the conventional thread type for most cameras accessory or tripod mounts, so you could mount a Go Pro to another camera using this.

Go Pro Mounts

The following mounts are available for use with the Go Pro Hero 4 Kits available through the lab.

They must be reserved separately as they do not automatically come in the Go Pro kits.

Drift Vented Helmet Mount


Drift Ghost-S Vented Helmet Mount

Identifier: GEM_GSTVH_01 or 02

this is a mount that has adjustable straps meant to anchor it to any helmet that has vents in its design (i.e. a bicycle helmet) in order to provide a head mount perspective.


Drift Ghost-S Shoulder Mount

Identifier: GEM_GSTSM_01 or 02

this is a chest harness with adjustable straps which give you a mounting point for the Drift Ghost-S on your shoulder.


Drift Ghost-S Waterproof Housing

Identifier: GEM_GSTWC_01 or 02

this extra waterproof housing enhances the base waterproofing of the Ghost-S itself (9 ft rating) to approximately 195ft underwater. It retains the drift mounting point used by the quick release to attach the rest of the camera mounts.


Drift Ghost-S Suction Cup

Identifier: GEM_GSTSC_01 or 02

this is the Drift camera’s suction cup mount, best used on non-porous surfaces like fiberglass or windshields.


Drift Ghost-S Roll Bar Mount

Identifier: GEM_GSTRB_01 or 02

this is the Drift camera’s Roll bar mount. It is a clamp made to go around pipes or bars of various diameters, with a rubberized internal surface to the bar bracket in order to prevent slippage.

The following mounts are available for use with the Drift Ghost-S Kits available through the lab.

The mounts for the Drift all attach via the quick release included in the base Drift Ghost-S kit. The waterproof casing has the same mounting point for the quick release as the Drift Ghost-S itself.

They must be reserved separately as they do not automatically come in the Drift Ghost-S kits.

Drift Ghost-S Mounts

The following mounts are available for use with the HXA500 Kit available through the lab.

They must be reserved separately as they do not automatically come in the HXA500 kit.

Panasonic HXA500 Cross Body Shoulder Belt

Identifier: GEM_HXBLT_01

this is a mount for the HXA500, which holds both its recorder and lens. Holding the recorder about mid chest and providing a shoulder level mount for the lens.


Panasonic HXA500 Eye Level Mount

Identifier: GEM_HXEYE_01

this is a duplicate of the eye level mount found in the HXA500’s main kit. Requires the arm mount for holding the recorder.

Cross body shoulder belt

Panasonic HXA500 Mounts

Benro Travel Angel Carbon Fibre Tripod

Identifier: GEM_BENTA_01

this carbon fiber tripod comes in a compact carry case. It is a set of carbon fibre tripod legs with no head, one leg can be detached and re-attached to the column in order to form a monopod. Thus providing a level base for the 360° camera in a more (or less) mobile form as the user chooses.

The Giroptic 360cam has a multifunctional tripod as a mount. This tripod has a flat mount adapted to the ¼ thread on the bottom of the Giroptic.

Giroptic Mount

This mount can be used with any of the labs cameras (including the Canon XA30s and Sony A7sII) due to it's high weight capacity. As the Giroptic only has a tripod mount it is suggested as an alternative to it's tripod.

Manfrotto 143 Magic Clamp Set

Identifier: GEM_MCLMP_01

this is a set composed of a magic clamp, magic arm, table tripod feet and camera bracket. The arm and camera bracket remain fixed together, allowing the user to change between the clamp or table tripod on the other end of the magic arm. Allowing it to serve as a short/table tripod or as a bar mount. (Note: the set is quite heavy.)

General Camera Mount

Benro Aero 2 Video Travel Tripod

Identifier: GEM_BENAE_01 or 02

is a lightweight multifunctional aluminum tripod set. One of the legs is removable and can be attached to the center column in order to convert it to a monopod. The ends of it’s legs can easily be changed from rubber feet to spikes by screwing them up or down. It’s maximum weight capacity is 5.5lbs making it perfect for the XA30 camcorders. It’s head has pan and tilt locks and an integrated leveling platform. It comes in a compact tripod shoulder bag.

These tripods are dedicated to the intermediate camera kits (Canon XA30 Camcorders.)

This item requires accreditation by the lab technician in order to be reserved in Webcheckout.

Canon XA30 Tripods (Intermediate Tripods)

This tripod is dedicated to the advanced camera kit (Sony A7sII Mirrorless Camera.)

This tripod is available with two heads, one lightweight ball head for photography and one heavier video head. You must reserve the legs and one of the heads when you make your reservation. Each head comes with a bag that will hold the resulting tripod configuration.

This item requires accreditation by the lab technician in order to be reserved in Webcheckout.

Benro Tripod Photographic Ball Head

Identifier: GEM_BENIB_01

this is a standard photographic ball head. It has an Arca Swiss style quick release plate. This head is best suited to photographic projects or video projects that feature only static camera angles. The tripod resulting from the mix of this head and the legs is very compact and light.


Benro Tripod Professional Video Head

Identifier: GEM_BENS8_01

this is a professional fluid video head. It has pan and tilt friction adjustments as well as pan and tilt locks, uses standard video quick release plates and has a 17.6lb weigh capacity. (Making it ideal for use with the A7sII cinema accessories.) It also has a counterbalance system for heavier implementations. The tripod resulting from the mix of this head and the legs is significantly larger and heavy.


Benro Tripod Carbon Fiber Legs

Identifier: GEM_BENCF_01

this is a multifunctional set of carbon fiber tripod legs. They have a 40lbs weight capacity. The center column can be inverted to allow for 90° to facilitate high or low camera positions and has a detachable leg that can attach to its column in order to create a monopod. (Note: you should counter weight the center column when it is set in the 90° position to prevent tipping.)

Sony A7sII Tripod (Advanced Tripod)

Photographic Ball Head

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