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 Information on Profile Updates 

In order to keep your profile and membership active, the lab asks that once a year you complete this form.

This serves to keep your profile up to date and to provide the lab information on your research activity related to the lab (for internal purposes only.)


This form should be completed each year before September 30th in order to keep your profile page and membership with the lab active.

If you do not submit the update form your profile may be removed from the site without notice.

Filling out the form:
As indicated throughout the form, if you do not need / wish to update sections of your profile, you may leave optional fields blank.

This will leave the copy currently on your profile intact.

In the case of your About Me or Academic Profile, please provide the complete text rather than just the updated portions.

If you any questions or concerns please contact the coordinators at gem.lab.info@gmail.com or teagan.lance@concordia.ca.

Profile Update Form

Thank you for coming to fill out the yearly profile update form for GEM Lab Membership.

This form will allow you to update your profile information to make sure it stays relevant, as well as allowing you to submit a link to a PDF copy of a recent publication you would like to be featured on the forthcoming GEM bookshelf page or a video essay to be added to the video section.

This update form will also ask you to provide some information about your research activities over the past year to help the lab programmers and for funding purposes.

All fields with an asterisk (*) at the end of the title are mandatory fields.

The following fields are for internal lab use only, in order to keep track of general engagement with the lab and it's research focus.

These can be talks, panels, symposiums, workshops or meetings with research groups organized by or in partnership with the lab.

Please indicate yes or no and provide a brief listing of the activities (i.e. papers, publications, primary research, research creation works or events organized) related to Global Media, Public and/or Media Culture (Online or Offline), Digital Ethnography, etc.

This can be a list of titles or simply a list of activities and their number (i.e. journal publication = 1, Organized Events = 2, Papers = 4,..)

This estimate can include participation with workshop or research group style events, reservations of equipment from the lab, use of the lab space or computer resources, visiting of the lab technicians office hours or remote assistance.