bookings and lab access 

Film Scanning

Blackmagic Cintel Film Scanner

(16mm & 35mm, Up to 4k Raw Scan Size)

 Winter 2022 Reservations  

This term mobile equipment reservations will be over a 2 week period (as opposed to the usual 1 week period.) Pickup and drop-offs will be Fridays, starting in February, and reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance either via Patron Portal or via email. See the lab technician section for more details. Workstations will continue to be available via Patron Portal, any time that the university is open.

Please submit the keycard access form and plan for the 7-10 day minimum wait for authorization to be granted if you plan on using the lab or workstations.

Please contact the lab technician for more details or with requests for longer term reservations.

 joining the lab 

Access to lab equipment and stations via Patron Portal is limited to cinema faculty, staff and graduate students with active standing at Concordia University who have filled out the lab membership form. Special requests for access should be directed to the lab technician.


If you are eligible for equipment reservation and have filled the membership application you should be able to place reservations through the Patron Portal Login Page. (If you have a special arrangement or need assistance please contact the lab technician.)

 equipment bookings 

Equipment can be booked for a two week period through Patron Portal (GEM Lab Checkout Center)


The pickup and return times must coincide with technician availabilities listed in webcheckout and below on this page.


Some advanced equipment requires accreditations, please contact the technician for this, for discussing longer term bookings or for off-hours pick-ups and drop-offs

 keycard access 

To freely access the lab space you must be a Concordia affiliated researcher or graduate student and have an RFID access card. Request for access are made through the Fine Arts Academic and Research Facilities website. (You can request a new card or simply reprogram an existing card that has lost authorization.)

Indicate that you are requesting access to "FB 630.15 Research Lab". If you are a lab member having difficulty accessing the lab, or if you are an outside presenter/researcher who has been granted access for a short term period you can contact the lab technician for more information.

 accessing the lab areas 

The lab is located on the 6th floor of the FB Building of Concordia University within the Graduate Study Space (FB Room 630.)

If you have an authorized access card, you can enter through this main door and proceed to the lab (630.15.) If not, please refer to the next section.

If you are a guest, there is an intercom next to the door to the Graduate Study Space area, which will ring the intercoms in the lab and other offices and someone should come to get you.

 workstation bookings 

Workstations are available 24/7 through Patron Portal (GEM Lab Workstations Checkout Center). 

This is with the exception of classes and events taking place in the lab. (This is also dependent on university wide holidays, access requirements and building closures.)

You must book your sessions in the Patron Portal or contact the technician to have them book for you. Classes and event periods will display as unavailable in the portal.

 presentation area bookings 

The main lab area (with the lab tables and main display) are available for reservation by lab clusters and research groups through contacting the lab technician.

Please contact the technician with first and second choice dates at least a week in advance. Reservations are first come first served.

These reservations do not guarantee that the workstations will be vacant, if you wish to run an event in the space, contact the lab coordinators.

 lab technician office hours 

Winter Term 2022 (Starting February)
Friday: 12:30pm - 5:30pm

These hours are for equipment pick-up/drop-off, remote workshops, accreditations, etc.

NOTE: All reservations for mobile equipment must be made 24 hours in advance or the technician may not be present.


The lab technician is available to assist with any of the lab's equipment during their office hours including workshops on lab stations/programs and accreditations on advanced equipment to allow for booking.

Troubleshooting is also available at all times via email or by appointment with a reasonable response period.


 other university resources 

 fine arts academic and research facilities  

This is a major source of equipment and research space support to graduate members who are eligible members of the GEM Lab. They also administer the keycard access system and patron portal.

They are housed in the EV Building of Concordia and you can find out more about what they offer at the following links. Notable resources are audio editing suites, a recording studio (with separately bookable quiet room), surround studio, video editing rooms and a variety of portable equipment.


The Milieux institue for Arts, Culture and Technology hosts many different clusters of researchers and graduate students at Concordia University and is a possible bridging point for GEM Lab researchers looking to engage in research that meets their mandate. You can read through their application process and find all necessary information below.

Milieux hosts the Post-Image cluster which manages large scale still image printing facilities, the Technoculture, Art and Games (aka. TAG) cluster which manages various media labs and the Textiles and Materiality cluster which manages a variety of workspaces related to physical creative endeavors among many others.


*Members should note that access to Milieux resources is not automatic for GEM Lab members and is based on a researchers ambitions and interests matching the area of research of the relevant cluster.

 feminist media studio  

The Feminist Media Studio is research center housed at the Loyola campus of Concordia in the communications department.

The studio supports creative and critical engagements with the gendered, racialized and classed dimensions of social life as well as other topics and supports research creation that focuses on such issues.

If your work involves such research interests they have a host of complimentary resources to the GEM Lab, including a voice recording booth and various portable equipment.

In order to access their resources you must first become a member of the studio via their membership program.