Film Scanning

Blackmagic Cintel Film Scanner

(16mm & 35mm, Up to 4k Raw Scan Size)

 bookings and lab access information 

Joining the Lab
If you are currently a Concordia Film Studies graduate student you are offered simplified access to the lab. You simply have to contact the lab technician to be added to the webcheckout system and to get started on getting keycard access. 


If you are a Concordia graduate student from another program (e.g. HUMA, Film Production, etc.) or an exterior researcher, please contact the lab coordinator with an email containing the following:

  • A short declaration of interest/explanation of project to be undertaken at the lab

  • Institutional Affiliation and Program or Position

  • Current Involvement in GEM Lab activities

  • Possible involvement in GEM Lab activities (Reading Groups, WIP, etc.)

Once you are a member

If you are affiliated with a Concordia Fine Arts class or program you will have access to the online booking system for mobile equipment and lab stations.



If you are from a non-Fine Arts program or an external researcher you must contact the lab technician to make bookings.


To freely access the lab space you must be a Concordia affiliated researcher or graduate student, you can have access privileges added to your RFID Keycard. Request this through the following webform, Keycard Request Page. In the additional information section indicate “I am a member of the GEM Lab at FB 630.15”. (If you do not have access to the graduate study space also request access to FB 630.)

If you are a member from outside of Concordia, you must visit the lab during the technician’s hours (please book an appointment with the technician before hand). For specific projects it is possible to reserve an external user access card, however they are limited and usually can only be reserved for a one week term.



Further information on bookings

Workstations (GEM Lab Workstations Checkout Center)

All workstations are available for booking 24/7 as long as the university is open and the Lab is not hosting an event. 

YOU MUST BOOK YOUR SESSIONS IN THE ONLINE SYSTEM OR WITH THE TECHNICIAN. In the event of a conflict between two users, the user with the official booking will take priority. Booking through webcheckout will also allow you to see the blackout periods for events / classes / etc. during which you would not be able to use the workstations.

Classes and events will be indicated as unavailable periods in the Patron Portal, university closures and holidays may not be, so please check before you make a reservation.


Equipment (GEM Lab Checkout Center)
Equipment can be booked for a one week period through webcheckout. The pickup and return times must coincide with technician availabilities (i.e. see office hours below). Some equipment requires accreditations, please contact the technician for this or for discussing longer term bookings or for off-hours bookings.

The Main Presentation Area is available for reservation by lab members and lab clusters by contacting the lab technician by email. Please check the following calendar to make sure your chosen time is not already reserved. It may take a week(+) to get a booking, so it is suggested you make your request as soon as you can in advance of your planned meeting.

To access the availability calendar enter your Concordia portal credentials, like with the patron portal, and then select "GEM Lab Workstations" from the drop down menu.

Accessing the Lab Space

The GEM lab is located in the FB Building of Concordia (1250 Guy), on the 6th floor, inside the Fine Arts Graduate Research Space (FB 630).


Guests/Outside Researchers: There is an intercom next to the outer door of the Research Space, it will ring in all of the labs so as long as someone knows to expect you this should get their attention.


Researchers: To access the outer space you must have an access keycard which should be something you are suggested to get when you start your MA / MFA / PhD. This keycard can be reprogrammed to also access the lab door (FB 630.15). Full description of the appropriate steps is above under "Once you are a member".


Head Lab Technician


Teagan Lance

Office hours / Equipment Pick-up and Return
Thursday + Friday: 11:00am - 3:30pm

Lab Technicians

Jason Halprin (Film Scanner)

The lab's technicians are available to assist with any of the lab's equipment during their office hours and can available at other times via email or by appointment. Please contact the technician if you need technical assistance with any of the lab equipment (i.e. to request accreditation on equipment, to request a workshop on equipment, to ask for technical assistance with a lab project or piece of equipment, etc.)

Other Resources and Research Groups at Concordia University

The Concordia Academic and Research Facilities Unit 
(formerly FAR)

Concordia graduate students in the Fine Arts will find access to a variety of mobile equipment, workstations and research spaces through this main graduate research facilities unit. This unit also maintains the keycard system for graduate research spaces including the GEM lab.

Equipment and workstation reservations are handled through the Concordia Patron Portal, the same as used by the GEM Lab. Their equipment depot and stations are based in the EV building of Concordia.

General Landing Page

Sound+Video Information Pages

This unit holds a variety of practical workshops on both general audio/visual research technique as well as specific resources which members may find useful. (It is suggested that lab members subscribe to their email newsletter to see when these workshops will take place.)

Notable research resources include their audio edit suite, recording studio, surround studio, video hub and associated edit suites, as well as their research spaces. They also have a variety of portable equipment, including more extensive audio equipment, as well as equipment for projection and presentation activities.*

The Sound+Video pages hold guides, workflows and information about certain pieces of equipment available through this unit, some of which may not be available to all students.

Center for Digital Arts
(aka. CDA)

The Center for Digital Arts is a resource center for researchers currently enrolled in a fine-arts course at Concordia University. Unlike the Academic and Research Facilities Unit it does require a separate membership fee in order to access its workstations and equipment.

General Landing Page

Membership Information Page

The CDA has a stable of mobile equipment that can complement or provide different options to researchers based on their individual project needs. They also have an array of workstations that expand the available offerings at the university.*


The Milieux institue for Arts, Culture and Technology hosts many different clusters of researchers and graduate students at Concordia University and is a possible bridging point for GEM Lab researchers looking to engage in research that meets their mandate. You can read through their application process and find all necessary information below.

General Landing Page
Membership Information Page
(Please read their guidelines carefully)

Milieux hosts the Post-Image cluster which manages large scale still image printing facilities, the Technoculture, Art and Games (aka. TAG) cluster which manages various media labs and the Textiles and Materiality cluster which manages a variety of workspaces related to physical creative endeavors among many others.*

Members should note that access to Milieux resources is not automatic for GEM Lab members and is based on a researchers ambitions and interests matching the area of research of the relevant cluster.



*Note that equipment and lab stations will likely require accreditation with a technician of the relevant group.