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Iuliia Glushneva

Iuliia Glushneva

Organizing Member

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Iuliia  Glushneva is a PhD student in Film and Moving Image Studies at  Concordia University, Montreal. Her current research deals with the role  of linguistic translation in global media flows, with a particular  focus on the histories of translation’s engagement with technology and  on translation practices in (post)socialist screen cultures.

Iuliia is a co-organizer of the research seminar Media and Migration: (Post)colonial and (Post)socialist Legacies (2019-2020).

PhD in Film and Moving Image Studies | Concordia University | Montreal - Canada | Started 2017

MA in Film and Media Studies | University of Kansas | the United States | 2017

BA in Translation Studies (Literary Translation: English into Russian) | Siberian Federal University | Russia | 2014

BA in History and Philosophy | Siberian Federal University | Russia | 2012

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