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 seminar in media and political theory 

 media & paranoia 

 Primary Focus 

The Seminar on Media and Paranoia (2018-19), co-lead with Volkswagen Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow Clemens Apprich, examines the paranoid potentialities of digital media technologies and the computational imagination. The reading group, lecture and screening series, and conference explore both canonical texts related to paranoia as well current research related to machine learning, attention economies, and political imaginaries. By highlighting new attentional forms, which correspond to the creative and productive side of paranoia, the seminar investigates strategies of coping and making do within an increasingly complex world. How might the productivity of paranoiac knowledge provide entry points for grappling with current crises in cognitive and imaginative forms, as well as larger technological, financial, or political flows? How can we contribute to or reframe debates about digital cultures and their politics by investigating the technological mechanisms at the heart of contemporary paranoia: from data-violence and algorithmic segregation to new attention economies and uncertain futures. 

Media & Paranoia Working Group

Conference: Media & Paranoia: New Attentional Forms


2018-2019 Annual Initiatives & Working Groups

Symposium on Digital Asia

Organizers: Masha Salazkina & Joshua Neves

Alternative Knowledge Research and Workshop Series

Organizers: Ylenia Olibet & Lola Remy

Postsocialist Politics and the Ends of Revolution Seminar

Organizers: Masha Salazkina & Joshua Neves

The Politics of Alternative Media

Organizers: Sanaz Sohrabi, Giuseppe Fidotta & Sima Kokotovic

Porn Studies Working Group

Organizers: Rebecca Holt & Nikola Stepić

Political Imaginary of Waiting Working Group & Screening Series

Organizers: Farah Atoui, Muhammad Khairy, Charissa Von Harringa & Viviane Saglier

»Out of the Shadow - Alternative Modes of Knowledge Production, Conservation and Distribution«

Organized by Clemens Apprich & Joshua Neves

The Afterlife of Militant Cinema

Organized by the CURC in Transnational Media Arts and Cultures, The GEM Lab and the Cinema in the Midst of Struggle Collective.

Works-In-Progress Working Group

Organizers: Patrick Brodie, Patrick Smith & Viviane Saglier


Techniques of Performative Inquiry: Technological Meditations

by Aaron Finbloom (Humanities)

SOLA: A Videogame on Gender-Based Violence

by Agustina Isidori (Design & Computational Arts)

The Greatest Wait

by Razan Al-Salah (Communications)


by Stale Bread Collective (Film Studies)

Transcriptions on the Voyage

by Jean Jacques Martinod (Film Production)

The Carousel Capital of the World

by Natalie Greenberg (Film Studies)


2018-2019 Sponsored Talks, Workshops and Events

Pasolini/Paradjanov: the Subversive and the Archaic

Workshop with Luca Caminati, Ara Mejian, Harsha Ram & Masha Salazkina

Format and Host: The Holy Ghost of Irish TV Lecture

Lecture by Anna McCarthy

Organized by Joshua Neves


The Archives of Anticolonialism Project

Organized by Sanaz Sohrabi, Giuseppe Fidotta & Sima Kokotović

Restoring Solidarity: Tokyo Palestine Film Reels

Workshop with Mohanad Yaqubi

Organized by Sanaz Sohrabi, Giuseppe Fidotta & Sima Kokotović

Abounaddara: The Right to the Image

A talk with Jason Fox

Organized by Luca Caminati & Egor Shmonin

Alternative Media Cultures Project

Curated by Giuseppe Fidotta, Sima Kokotovic & Sanaz Sohrabi.

Ethnographic Research in Media Studies: Practice, Methodology, and Ethics for Fieldwork (with Vicki Mayer)

Participants: Vicki Mayer (Tulane - Communication and Media), Kay Dickinson (Concordia - Film Studies),
Joshua Neves (CURC, Concordia - Film Studies) and Alessandra Renzi (Concordia - Communications.

VOX POPULI: The ABC of Revolution

A presentation by Lara Baladi

Tóta tánon Ohkwá:ri - A Kahnawà:ke Community-Driven Production

Presentation by Konwanénhon Marion Delaronde

Organized by Sanaz Sohrabi, Giuseppe Fidotta & Sima Kokotović in association with the Feminist Media Studio

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