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Works-in-Progress: SOLA: A Videogame on Gender Based Violence

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 6 PM – 7:30 PM in the GEM Lab (FB 630.15)

SOLA is a video game that embodies the climate of tension, discomfort and fear that can be experienced while walking alone at night in cities where gender-based violence is embedded in everyday life. SOLA challenges the usual understanding of games as a source for entertainment. It builds on the concept of play to explore a video game as an instrument for conceptual thinking and a tool to work through social issues. How do we get back home? Do we walk or take a cab? Do we take the short cut, or the better- lit path? Do we let someone know that we are on our way just in case we never arrive? We were taught how to walk with fear. We were taught how to be constantly alert. We were taught to be suspicious of the stranger. We learned how to be constantly afraid while doing something as simple as walking alone at night. We were taught that it was our responsibility to not be assaulted, raped or killed. Agustina Isidori is an Argentinian-Italian visual artist and researcher based in Montreal. Agustina completed a Bachelor in Film Studies in Buenos Aires, has a degree in Digital Technologies in Art and Design and a Master of Design at Concordia University. Through a research-creation approach, Isidori’s work engages in a constant dialogue looking at ways to reflect on difficult knowledge, such as gender- based violence, feminicide, and violation of human rights. About WIP: The workshop is meant to showcase new and developing projects by the Fine Arts graduate community (and beyond), creating a space for interdisciplinary critique and feedback. Encouraging the engagement of workshop participants, the emphasis will be on research methodologies and future directions. We aim to create a space for alternative methodologies and practices, investigating research trends in the humanities such as visual anthropology, digital ethnography, field recording and sound experiments, approaches to information technologies, and other on the ground research practices.

- Patrick Brodie, Patrick Smith, and Viviane Saglier

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