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“Postsocialist Politics and the Ends of Revolution” - Thursday, March 21, 1-4pm

Please join us for a Symposium with Neda Atanasoski (UC Santa Cruz) and Kalindi Vora, (UC Davis) on Thursday, March 21st from 1-4pm.

The Symposium is organized around Atanasoski and Vora's 2018 article and special issue on the theme “Postsocialist Politics and the Ends of Revolution” and will feature a presentation and discussion, as well as responses from Joshua Neves (CRC Concordia), Masha Salazkina (CURC Concordia), and Ishita Tiwary (Horizon Postdoctoral Fellow).

This symposium is part of a new initiative centered on Transnational Postsocialist Media Networks that explores both historical and contemporary intersections between (post)socialist and (post)colonial media and politics. Stay tuned for more events in 2019-2020.

Neda Atanasoski

Kalindi Vora


The introduction to this special issue offers a theorization of postsocialism as an analytic that connects the ‘afters’ of the capitalist–socialist dynamic to think about how political action need not take shape in ways that are familiar as revolutionary, or oppositional. We argue that postsocialism marks a queer temporality, one that does not reproduce its social order even as its revolutionary antithesis. Resisting the revolutionary teleology of what was before, postsocialism creates space to work through ongoing legacies of socialisms in the present. Secondly, we assert the need for pluralizing postsocialisms as a method, which brings to the fore current practices, imaginaries, and actions that insist on political change at a variety of scales, including local, state, and transnational ones. Pluralizing postsocialisms as a method and considering it necessary for analysis of a global postsocialist condition can provide a crucial analytic through which to assess ongoing socialist legacies in new ethical collectivities and networks of dissent opposing state- and corporate-based military, economic, and cultural expansionism since the end of the Cold Wa.r

- Masha Salazkina & Joshua Neves

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