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WORK-IN-PROGRESS (WIP): Jean-Jacques Martinod

Jean-Jacques Martinod: Transcriptions on the Voyage

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 6 PM – 7:30 PM

Jean-Jacques' research deals with ways to implement audio-visual materials in a tactile form and developing vision through bodily instinct, which he calls "corporeal vision." Jean-Jacques will be presenting two projects, which are both being shot and finished on celluloid film. Shot in Super-16mm format in my hometown of Guayaquil this last May, LA BALA DE SANDOVAL (Sandoval’s Bullet) follows Isidro Vargas as he wanders through the rainforest and recounts his various encounters with death. The film takes place in the outskirts of the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s metropolis, which is rapidly swallowing its surroundings due to uncontrolled urban expansion. The second project, yet to be titled, is set in the north of the Saskatchewan, in the Athabasca Lake region. It records local narratives/characters/landscapes with the intention of creating a portrait of this ecosystem which was once the setting for the vast majority of the uranium mining industry in Canada.

About Jean-Jacques Martinod:

Jean-Jacques Martinod is a filmmaker and visual artist originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Oscillating between documentary traditions using formal experiments in celluloid film, analogue tape, digital media, and archival footage, his films have screened in a variety of venues including the Museum of The Moving Image and festivals such as FIDMarseille, EDOC (Encuentros del Otro Cine), Festival Dei Popoli, Les Inattendus festival de films (très) indépendants, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, ULTRACinema Festival de Cine Experimental y Found Footage, Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media, among others, while also in a variety of galleries and DIY venues. He is also co-creator of micro-publishing project EVIDENCE( which publishes poetry, essay, and audio-visual media. - Patrick Brodie

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