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Joshua Neves

Director of the Global Emergent Media (GEM) lab

Associate Professor in Film and Moving Image Studies

Canada Research Chair

2011 - PhD, Film and Media Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Dr. Neves' research focuses on digital media, cultural and political theory, and problems of development and legitimacy—with a particular focus on China, Asia, and global frames. He is the author of Underglobalization: Beijing’s Media Urbanism and the Chimera of Legitimacy, and co-editor of Asian Video Cultures: In the Penumbra of the Global. His current research centers on the intersections of networked technologies and pharmacology—smartphones to “smart” drugs—examining contemporary neuropolitics and cultures of optimization.

As Director of the GEM Lab, Dr. Neves leads the annual Seminar in Media and Political Theory, as well as a number of collaborative research initiatives.


Current projects include:

  • Global Smart Technologies

    • SSHRC funded research (2019-24)

  • Media and Migration

    • SSHRC Partnership Grant (in development)

  • Digital Cultures and Videographic Research Methods

    • Developing digital ethnography methods

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