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GEM Lab co-organizes 2020 Transmediale PhD Workshop in Berlin

Events taking place Jan 29, 2020 – Feb 2, 2020. Dr. Neves and two PhD students from the GEM Lab to participate in the 2020 Transmediale festival on the theme "E2E" (End-to-End and the Limits of Networks)

End to End (E2E), aims to deal with the pervasiveness of networks and their limits and will take place in Berlin, Germany. The Global Emergent Media lab is also helping co-organize this workshop as part of the Transmediale.

The workshop aims to re-think networks and their eco-socio-technical structures as well as asking what it means to research networks, and moreover to think beyond the organizational logic of the academy to other forms of organizing knowledge production and distribution. What are the limits of research networks and what would an end-to-end principle of research look like? Might the workshop (if not festival) examine its form in light of this? More information and the original call for papers:

- GEM Lab


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