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Sabah Haider

Sabah Haider

Resident Artist

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Sabah Haider is a filmmaker and writer  based between Paris, Beirut and Montreal and is an alumnus of the  Canadian Film Centre and the Berlinale Talents program. Her scholarly  research interests encompass mapping, media industries, digital culture,  interactive film and media, sensory ethnography, visuality, subaltern  and postcolonial archives, and “history from below”. A key question  motivating her doctoral project is how can digital tools intersect with  visual and sensorial ethnography to excavate new anthropologies and  propose alternative or new understandings of history and discourse?

PhD in Humanities | Concordia University - Department of Social Anthropology and Ethnology, EHESS, Paris | Canada - France

MA Film Studies | University College London | UK |

BA Political Science | University of Guelph | Canada |

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