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Patrick Brian Smith

Patrick Brian Smith

Member, Formerly Organizing Member

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Patrick  Brian Smith is a Film and Moving Image Studies PhD Candidate in the Mel  Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University, Montreal. His  research interests include experimental nonfiction cinema, the politics  of space, Marxist geography, late-capitalism's (un)representability, and  the essay film. He is currently working on a thesis project entitled  "The Politics of Spatiality in Experimental Non-Fiction Cinema," which  maps out the presence of a spatio-political tendency within a diverse  corpus of contemporary experimental nonfiction films. In addition, he  has recently published a video work through the multimedia journal Now! A  Journal of Urgent Praxis, entitled Protect Yourselves: NoDAPL.

He started the Works-in-Progress (WIP) initiative and co-organized the first Cinema in the Midst of Struggle screening series.

PhD in Film and Moving Image Studies | Concordia University | Montreal - Canada | Started 2014

​MA in Film Studies | King’s College | London - UK | 2012

​BA in Film Studies | Anglia Ruskin University | Cambridge - UK | 2011

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