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Michelle Aeojin Yom

Michelle Aeojin Yom


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I am a Ph.D. candidate in musicology at The Graduate Center, CUNY. I work on time and temporality in musical forms of the twentieth century with a particular focus on Cecil Taylor's improvisations in relation to writing, history, biography, and genealogy.

I use several methods including archival research, interviews, close reading, and hermeneutical analysis. The research includes cross-disciplinary experiments in the arts, liberatory methods of teaching, critical modalities of the theater, comparative analyses of rhythm, long-form solo improvisation, and the reception of free jazz. 

I am an organizing member of Out From Outside, a Mixcloud project, academic speaker series and monthly radio show that celebrates and studies black music. I am also a flutist and composer; currently, I am working on an opera based on Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's Dictée.


"Transcription (listening) as Improvisation (self-analysis)," Making Music Together, ed. Chris Stover and Garrett Michaelsen, University of Chicago Press (forthcoming 2022).

“'Getting the Layers Going': Karen Borca’s Big Band at 'Unit Structures: The Art of Cecil Taylor," American Music Review, (Spring 2020).

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