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Marie Lecuyer

Marie Lecuyer


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Marie Lecuyer is a PhD Candidate in Social and Cultural Analysis at Concordia University. Her PhD research, funded by the Quebec’s research fund for foreign students, is situated at the intersection between anthropology and media studies, and takes on multimedia and multisite methodologies. 

Based on 8 months of field work conducted in Hong Kong, her research attends to the “emergenseas” of resting places for the dead and the ways in which actors of the funeral industry care for them. Hong Kong has one of the most liquid real estate markets in the world, and it is within the archipelago’s saturated urban space that an oceanic turn —marine zones dedicated to the scattering of ashes and web platforms on which one can “surf” to visit the dead— has emerged.

 She uses sound and video recordings, as well as performance, as part of her methodology in order to trace the modalities by which the dead dis/appear among the living.

Visiting Fellow at the School of Creative Media | City University | Hong Kong SAR | 2021

PhD in Social and Cultural Analysis | Concordia University | Montreal, Canada | 2018-2023

M.A. in Anthropology | University of Ottawa | Ottawa, Canada | 2016-18

B.A. in Political Science and Communication studies | McGill University | Montreal, Canada | 2011-14

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