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Katrina Burch

Katrina Burch


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Katrina Burch (Canada, 1987) works as a visual artist, archaeologist/anthropologist, and electroacoustic producer and composer. 

Her musical moniker 'yoneda lemma' (since 2013) is inspired by the erotics of abstractions, weaving between reciprocities of music and poetry. Its forms are often kaleidoscopic and personal, containing discrete elements and life histories that repeat into phantasmagoric impressions. Multivariate sources are culled from field recordings, composed instrumentals, and synthetic and/or algorithmic improvisations. The synaesthetic scope of Katrina’s artistic practice is influenced by her analytic and spiritual work in anthropology and archaeology. 

Previously she researched syncretic Animist-Buddhism in the Mekong region of Northern Thailand and worked for many field seasons excavating at a Moche (Mochica) Huaca in the Peruvian North coast desert. In 2021, Katrina commenced a PhD in anthropology at Mcgill University where she will make sensory ethnographic documentaries on the spiritual politics of biodiversity conservation and Indigenous forest-based food sovereignty in the Northwest Amazon. In philosophical spirit, Katrina aspires to bridge anthropology, religion, and art through sensorial ethnographies of cosmic diplomacy, with an emphasis on listening practices, political frequencies and anthropologies of care.

PhD Anthropology | McGill University | Present

MSc Archaeology, with Digital and Palaeolithic Concentrations | Leiden University | 2016 – 2021

MA Anthropology, with Ethnoarchaeological Concentration | University of Toronto | 2012 – 2013

Indigenous Studies/Thailand Year Abroad Program | Trent University and Chiang Mai University | 2010 – 2011

Honours BA Anthropology and Religious Studies | University of Toronto | 2006 – 2011

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