Joaquin Serpe

Joaquin Serpe

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Joaquín  Serpe is a Film and Moving Image Studies PhD student at Concordia  University, Montreal. An Audiovisual Designer from the University of  Buenos Aires, Joaquin worked in the Argentine public television industry  as a sound engineer before starting his graduate studies in Canada. For  his doctoral project, he examines emergent modes of public  intellectuality and cultural pedagogy across contemporary media, paying  particular attention to digital platforms and social media networks. His  research interests include political theory, the economies of media  industries, labor practices in cinema and television, and contemporary  Latin American and Eastern European cinema.

Joaquín co-led the reading and research group Populist Media, Popular Culture, Political Theory, and he organized along Giuseppe Fidotta the 2017-2018 Seminar in Media and Political Theory: Populism.

He also coordinated the Media & Paranoia reading group, as well as the Life-Streaming Working Group.

PhD in Film and Moving Image Studies | Concordia University | Montreal - Canada | Started 2015

​MA in Film Studies | Concordia University | Montreal - Canada | 2015

​BFA in Audiovisual Design | University of Buenos Aires | Buenos Aires - Argentina | 2011