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Joaquin Serpe

Joaquin Serpe

Member, Formerly Organizing Member

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An Audiovisual Designer from the University of Buenos Aires, Joaquín worked in the Argentine public television industry as a sound engineer before starting his graduate studies in Canada. Working primarily in educational television, he started questioning how political discourses and identities circulate and are consolidated through different media.

For his doctoral project, he examines the emergence of progressive media across broadcasting, social media, and video streaming platforms in Argentina after the 2001 economic crisis.

In addition to the GEM Lab, Joaquín is a member of the Global Internet TV Consortium, an international network of media studies scholars seeking to understand the implications of internet-distributed television. He has co-edited alongside Joshua Neves and Giuseppe Fidotta a recent special issue on Media Populism for the Culture Machine journal. His work on subscription video on demand in Argentina will be published in the Fall of 2022 in the edited collection Streaming Stories (NYU Press).



Previous GEM Lab activity includes organization of: Populist Media, Popular Culture, Political Theory | Seminar in Media and Political Theory: Populism | Media & Paranoia reading group | Life-Streaming Working Group.

PhD in Film and Moving Image Studies | Concordia University | Montreal - Canada | Started 2015

​MA in Film Studies | Concordia University | Montreal - Canada | 2015

​BFA in Audiovisual Design | University of Buenos Aires | Buenos Aires - Argentina | 2011


Co-Editor Media Populism Special Issue | Culture Machine | Fall 2020

Prager University: Corporate Films and the Pastiche of Reason | SCMS 2021 Presentation

Argentina on Demand: Streaming Crisis, Gangsters, and Athletes (Chapter) | Streaming Stories, NYU Press, Editors: Ramon Lobato & Amanda Lotz | Upcoming Fall 2022

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