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Javier de Azkue

Javier de Azkue


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Javier de Azkue is an audiovisual designer and creative coder from Argentina who is finishing his master’s degree in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts in Buenos Aires and currently doing an academic exchange at Concordia University as a research intern. 

His work centers around visual effects, remix culture and found footage, making experimental short films using animation, custom software and 3D modeling. 

His fascination with technological obsolescence has led him to work with other mediums as well, like sound, code and electronics. He design installations, video games and interfaces that explore different sets of rules and the possibility of viewer participation, which is unique to these mediums. He was a recipient of the Raúl Urtasún - Frances Harley scholarship in 2017 (Banff Centre), the Fullbright scholarship in 2019 (USA - Argentina), and the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program scholarship in 2024 (Canada).

Image and Sound Design | University of Buenos Aires | Argentina | 2015

Banff Artists in Residence (BAiR) | Banff Centre | Canada | 2017

Spring Course | School for Poetic Computation | New York | 2019

Master’s Degree in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts | National University of Tres de Febrero | Argentina | 2024

Academic Visitor | Concordia University | Montreal | 2024

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