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Jacqueline Ristola

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Jacqueline  Ristola is a PhD candidate in Film and Moving Image Studies at  Concordia University, Montreal. She received her master’s degree in  Cinema and Media studies from York University in 2017, where she also  received a Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies from the York Centre for  Asian Research. Her research areas include animation/anime studies,  media industry studies, and queer theory. Her work is published  in Animation Studies Online Journal, where she was awarded the inaugural  Maureen Furniss Student Essay Award. She is currently a co-editor of a  forthcoming issue on LGBTQ Animation for Synoptique: An Online Journal  of Film and Moving Image Studies, and also has a forthcoming chapter  in Representation in Steven Universe (Palgrave).

Jacqueline co-leads the reading and research group Animating Television.

PhD in Film and Moving Image Studies | Concordia University | Montreal - Canada | Started 2017

MA in Cinema and Media Studies | York University | Toronto - Canada | 2017

BA in Film and Media Studies | Calvin University | Grand Rapids - US | 2013