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Ishita Tiwary

Ishita Tiwary

Post-Doctoral Fellow

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Ishita  Tiwary is a Horizon Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Cinema,  Concordia University. Her research interests lie at the intersection of  media infrastructures, video cultures, aesthetics and migration  practices in South and East Asia. It has been published in Bioscope:  South Asian Screen Studies, Post Script: Essays in Film and Humanities,  MARG: Journal of Indian Art amongst others. Her research has been  supported by the Fulbright Doctoral Fellowship, The Charles Wallace  Grant and the Indian Council of Social Sciences Research Council.

She co-leads the 2019-20 GEM Lab theme on ‘Media and Migration’, along with  Joshua Neves (GEM director) and Masha Salazkina (CURC). It includes a  reading group, lectures, screenings and will culminate in an  international workshop.

PhD Cinema Studies | Jawaharlal Nehru University | New Delhi, India | 2019

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