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Egor Shmonin

Egor Shmonin

Member, Formerly Organizing Member

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Born  and raised in Russia, I hold a BA and MA from Smolny College of Liberal  Arts and Sciences in St. Petersburg with a major in Contemporary Art  and Film Criticism. As a video artist and curator, I constantly  navigated the borders between the digital and the analogue, cultural  identity and colonial history, personal narratives and collective  memory. For several years, I’ve been working as a Film festival curator  and manager in Saint Petersburg

Currently,  I am a PhD student in Film Studies at Concordia. My research is focused  on undergoing processes and changes occurred in the post-socialist  societies and cultures before and after 1989. My project is dealing with  the post-conflict situation and decontamination of the cultural  environment in Balkan region during the collapse of the USSR.

He started the Cinema in the Midst of Struggle screening series.

PhD in Film and Moving Image Studies | Concordia University | Montreal - Canada | Started 2016

​MA in Art Criticism | St. Petersburg State University | Russia | 2013

​BA in Film and Video | St. Petersburg State University | Russia | 2011

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