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Burcu Yaşin

Burcu Yaşin


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Burcu Yaşin is an interdisciplinary scholar/pianist/jazz vocal who works at the intersection of sound studies, sensory studies, and embodied research methodologies. 

Trained as a musician, she received her master’s degree in musicology with a thesis entitled A “Sonic” Transformation Story: Gaziosmanpaşa Sarıgöl Urban Renewal Project, which sheds light on the sonic impact of the ongoing gentrification of the Romani neighborhood Sarıgöl, Gaziosmanpaşa/Istanbul. 

As a Ph.D. student in Concordia University’s Interdisciplinary Humanities doctoral program, she aims to explore how the Romani communities living in Istanbul use wedding ceremonies to construct their identity, claim their existence in space, and constitute an “imagined now,” taking the women’s experiences at the center. 

Additionally, the project also aspires to grasp how gentrification rendered Romani communities imperceptible in Istanbul, leaning on the literature of sensory studies. She is also co-founder of the platform I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS SHIT that collects the sounds of protests related to women’s and LGBTQ+ rights.

Dinlemenin Politik Biçimleri Üzerine: Gaziosmanpaşa Sarıgöl Mahallesi Örneği Üzerinden Kentsel Yenileme Projeleri ve “Akustik Topluluk” Kavramını Yeniden Düşünmek
(On Politic Ways of Listening: Rethinking Urban Renewal and "Acoustic Community" Concept Through Gaziosmanpasa Sarıgöl Romani Neighborhood)

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