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Anton Clark

Anton Clark

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Anton Clark is a PhD. student in the department of Film and Moving Image Studies at Concordia University, Canada. He is an active member of the Milieux Institute’s Media History Research Center, where he is supervised by Haidee Wasson. His doctoral project proposes to produce a historiography of UNESCO, tracing how the rhetoric of world literacy evolved within and without the organization. His theoretical work broadly evaluates the intersections between cultural, media, and development policy at organizations like the Marshall Plan, the United States Information Service, and the UN. His MA work investigated the evolution of wartime propaganda at the National Film Board of Canada under the supervision of Michael Zryd.

Anton Clark operates as a research assistant for the works-in-progress workshop. Augmenting WIP's existing infrastructure, Anton and his colleagues at WIP - Marie Martraire and Montiana Ashour - will add a publication function to the GEM Lab's website.

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