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We Messed Up (Online Talk)

GEM Lab Events

OCT. 30, 2020

Friday, October 30th, 2pm
(Online Event)

Conversation with Edward George (Black Audio Film Collective) and Dhanveer Singh Brar (Goldsmiths), moderated by Kay Dickinson (Concordia).


Introduction to Series

Joshua Neves

Introduction of Speaker

Kay Dickinson

We Messed Up (Talk)

Edward George & Dhanveer Singh Brar

Link posted in chat (~14:00) by Kay Dickinson.

Q&A 1

Topics: Detroit Techno (regulation of rhythm vs aggression), Rhythmic sound vs aggressive sound being a factor in the split between Dub and Techno.

Q&A 2

Topics: What about the influence of Funk, The tonal dimension of the music, how these non-european influences changed the relationship with european techno. Jungle (genre) vs Detroit (techno genre), In relationship to the film.

Q&A 3

Topics: The Data Thief character, The 90's Moment, Theoretical basis in questioning origins amd citationality, the expropriation of Africa in the period, etc.

Link posted in chat by Dhanveer Singh Brar.

Q&A 4

Topics: Contemporary Instances and Engagements with Afro Futurism that explicitly assert it as a cite for radical and intersectional liberation politics, where an apolitical position is not an option.

Q&A 5

Topics: Resonance with the connection between Rhytmic differentiation in music, the citational world building of the Data thief character and the relationship to film editing. How do you locate the political volatility of music in relation to film?

Q&A 6

Topics: Stealth Manuevers, The cinematic migrations conference at MIT and the concept of Black Cinema as oxymoronic, relationship to film, cultural messages through black cultural expression, Black Cinema as putting the sonic higher than the visual primacy in cinema more broadly.

Q&A 7

Topics: Sound System Music and the context in the current pandemic, if there is a political effect on us as people as a result?

Q&A 8

Topics: Masculanist discussion of Afro Futurism in the film (with the exception of Octavia Butler), if you conceptualised the film today would it be different? The dismantaling of the four collectives in the film, is there more context to be added  to the narrative of it being related to the financial ramifications of Thatcherism?

Q&A 9

Topics: The issue of theory, The addition of theory citations in music releases occuring around that period, the use of citationism in the film, would the structure of the film still be heavily linked to citationism if you were conceiving it today?

Q&A 10

Topics: In reference to the film, the multiplicity of futurities, the recurring notion of the Deridian concept of presence in the form of absence, the marginalia of black cultural expression, Can we think of this multiplicity as a movement away from Marginality or towards a notion of Intersectionality?

Outro of Event

Dhanveer Brar - Floorplant - Never Grow Old (Re-Plant)


Link to the Original Post

Conversation with Edward George (Black Audio Film Collective) and Dhanveer Singh Brar (Goldsmiths), moderated by Kay Dickinson (Concordia).

Edward George, the writer, researcher, presenter and actor in the Black Audio Film Collective documentary Last Angel of History, returns to the film to elaborate on the research, writing and performative components of his roles(s) in the film, and the ways in which the film constitutes a citational work through its revision of the evocation of Africa in Afrofuturism and its engagement with black unpopular culture, its presentation, through its science fiction narrative, of a lost Pan Africa and an African Diasporic memory of slavery, and the use of his body as the medium through which the film’s fictional and historical concerns are integrated.

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