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Works in Progress 2019-2020 - Winter Schedule

The Works-in-Progress (WIP) workshop is happy to announce the schedule for Winter 2020.

Works-in-Progress Winter 2020 schedule:

March 24:“Towards the Methodology of HOMING,” Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier


April 23: “TV Series Across Screens: Mapping tools for the analysis of fan discourse,” Marta

Boni (Film Studies, UdeM)

May 14: “Once more, with feeling!: or, How I built a mutoscope to mourn the censorship of pornographic gifs on Tumblr,” Grace Van Ness (Communications)

Works-in-Progress (WIP) is a workshop series at the Global Emergent Media Lab that started in the Fall of 2017. The workshop is meant to showcase new and developing projects by the Fine Arts graduate community (and beyond), creating a space for interdisciplinary critique and feedback. Encouraging the engagement of workshop participants, the emphasis is on research methodologies and future directions. We aim to create a space for alternative methodologies and practices, investigating research trends in the humanities such as visual anthropology, digital ethnography, field recording and sound experiments, approaches to information technologies, and other on the ground research practices. Audiovisual or other media and visual materials can be foregrounded along with a short (20-30 minute) presentation on how you're currently thinking about and working through your ideas. Workshops are structured according to the necessities of the project. Workshop leaders are invited to pre-circulate reading materials and introduce multimedia aspects of their projects to accompany their presentations. However, other forms of workshop organization are welcome in order to fulfill the mandate of in-progress, emergent research. The presentation will be followed by a longer discussion period including questions, comments, and feedback from the attendees, or can emerge in a more interactive way.

WIP 2019-2010 is organized by Patrick Brodie, Ylenia Olibet, and Lola Rémy


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