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Italian Cinema Travels w/ Valerio Coladonato & Alberto Zambenedetti

//May 5, 2023

//2:00-4:00 PM

//GEM Lab

//FB 630.15

Abstract: Valerio Coladonato and Alberto Zambenedetti’s research engages with XX century Italian cinema from a transnational perspective, focusing on issues of mobility, circulation, and reception of film cultures. In their talks, they will discuss issues of “travel” widely conceived: Coladonato will focus on the distribution history of Italian auteur cinema in France, and Zambenedetti on how travel figures in Venetian filmmaker Francesco Pasinetti’s unpublished screenplays.

Chair: Ylenia Olibet (Concordia University)

Respondent: Masha Salazkina (Concordia University)

About the speakers

Valerio Coladonato is Assistant Professor at Sapienza - Università di Roma and has led research seminars at the Paris EHESS. He has published essays on the reception of Italian cinema abroad, the circulation of auteur films, and the impact of co-productions. His current research focuses on Italian cinema in France through a cultural and industrial perspective.

Alberto Zambenedetti is Associate Professor in the Department of Italian Studies and the Cinema Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on the relationship between people and places, and on the different manifestations of identity politics in Italian cinema. His monograph Acting Across Borders: Mobility and Identity in Italian Cinema (Edinburgh University Press, 2021), investigates how the national film industry has grappled with social and cultural anxieties related to human mobility over the last century.

Masha Salazkina is Professor of Film and Moving Image Studies and Research Chair in Transnational Media Arts and Cultures at Concordia University. Salazkina's work incorporates transnational approaches to film theory and cultural history with a focus on the historical relationship between the Socialist bloc and countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Her new book, World Socialist Cinema: Alliances, Affinities and Solidarities in the Global Cold War (California University Press, 2023), analyzes the history and the programming of the Tashkent Festival of Cinemas of Asia, Africa and Latin America as a global phenomenon.

Ylenia Olibet is a PhD Candidate in Film and Moving Images studies at Concordia University, Montreal, under the supervision of Professor Rosanna Maule. Her main research interests are feminist film theory, new media theory, and transnational approaches to film and media studies. She recently published in Feminist Media Studies. She is the recipient of the Film Studies Association of Canada – Gerald Pratley Award 2022. Her research has been funded by the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et Culture.


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