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GEM Lab Introduction / Video Essay Workshop

Friday January 31st, 2020 2pm - 4pm Workshop @ GEM Lab, FB 630.15

The GEM Lab would like to invite interested Film Studies graduate students and other graduate student lab members to come to this terms lab introduction and video essay workshop! We’ll give you a refresher on the resources available through the lab, how to access the mobile resources as well as how to get access to the space. If you have a specific project in mind, it is also possible that the technician can point you in the direction of another group at Concordia if you have specific needs.

Then we’ll do a brief overview of the workflow and tools used to make video essays, as an alternative research output to a traditional paper. For a more complete or in depth examination, individual or groups of students can book an appointment with the lab technician to go over their specific project or technical need.


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