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Dr. Marc Steinberg publishes a new book!

Dr. Marc Steinberg’s new coauthored book Media and Management is now out with University of Minnesota Press! Coauthored with Rutvica Andrijasevic, Julie Yujie Chen, and Melissa Gregg, Media and Management offers an essential account of how the media devices we use today inherit the management practices governing factory labor. Drawing on rich historical and ethnographic case studies, this book approaches key instances of the industrial and service economy—the legacy of Toyotism in today’s software industry, labor mediators in electronics manufacturing in Central and Eastern Europe, and app-based food-delivery platforms in China—to push media and management studies in new directions.

This book will soon be available Open Access via Meson Press (

A companion article by Dr. Steinberg in Organization Studies extends on this book to show how Toyota’s automobile production is at the heart of platform capitalism:


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