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Cultural Critique publishes special issue on The Global-Popular

Cultural Critique has just published their Winter 2022 special issue on The Global-Popular, edited by friends of the lab Bishnupriya Ghosh and Bhaskar Sarkar.

“That we now inhabit the global-popular,” write Ghosh and Sarkar, “has become something of a commonplace.”

“If the global and the popular are everywhere, how does one conceptualize the conjugation global-popular? What specifically does the hyphen between the two seemingly banal and all-encompassing terms do? If the conjunction is not simply additive, how are we to theorize it?” (Ghosh & Sarkar 1).

The dossier focuses in particular on “cinematic formations within global-popular cultures.” Specifically, the journal’s contributors ask both “how the concept “global-popular” might be productive for cinema studies,” and “what does this focus on cinema bring to our understanding of the global-popular?” (Ghosh & Sarkar 1).

Contributors to the volume include Neepa Majumdar, Rosalind Galt, Peter Limbrick, Rey Chow and Markos Hadjioannou, Sangita Gopal, and Joshua Neves. Read the special issue here!

Table of Contents

“The Global-Popular: A Frame for Contemporary Cinemas.” Bishnupriya Ghosh, Bhaskar Sarkar

“Fathers in Flux.” Rey Chow, Markos Hadjioannou

“Pontianak Trouble: Gender and Postcolonial Identities in the Malay Vampire Film.” Rosalind Galt

“Of Marabouts, Acrobats, and Auteurs: Framing the Global-Popular in Moumen Smihi's World Cinema.” Peter Limbrick

“Disco Dancer and the Idioms of the Global-Popular.” Neepa Majumdar

“Bourgeois Extreme: Cultural Flows and the Microimport.” Sangita Gopal

“Southern Effects: Kaiju, Cultural Intimacy, and the Production of Distribution.” Joshua Neves


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