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Cinema in the Midst of Struggle: "There is a Garden" with filmmaker Masoud Raouf

Documentary filmmaker Masoud Raouf joins us for a screening of his award-winning film There is a Garden (2014), followed by a conversation and Q&A on animation, autobiography, and immigration.

//Friday, May 28th @ 4-5:30 PM EST

//Online Event

//Register at Eventbrite

Masoud Raouf is an Iranian-Canadian film director, animator, and instructor. After studying animation at Sheridan College, Raouf directed The Tree That Remembers (2003), winning the Silver Award for Best Canadian Documentary at Toronto’s Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, the Golden Sheaf Award at Yorkton, and the Bronze Plaque at the Columbus International Film and Video Festival. He has gone on to produce and direct award-winning films including Blue Like a Gunshot (2003), Waves at Birth (2004), There is a Garden (2014), Let the Sea Wonder (2019), and Only the Crow Knows Him (2020). Raouf’s films have been screened at Moondance, Vermont International Film Festival, the Montreal World Film Festival, Toronto’s Worldwide Short Film Festival, Whitehead International Film Festival, and the Immigration Film Fest. In 2008, he created the association Fighting Marginalization, where he organized 8 documentary workshops and made 12 films with first-time Montreal filmmakers in marginalized neighborhoods.

About There is a Garden: In order to control the population, the dictatorship of Iran has done its best to destroy the memories and imagination of its people. Using animation and images, filmmaker and ex-political prisoner Masoud Raouf shows us how, step by step, the visual landscape, along with art and culture, were subverted and replaced as means to install the government’s theocracy. As an act of restoring the human map, Raouf shares his stories based on his experiences and memories of pre- and post-revolution Iran while living in exile.


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