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Methods in Progress Workshop

The Methods in Progress schedule is out! It will be held on Feb 14th, 2020 at the GEM Lab.


11.00AM-12.30PM, Transnationalisms

  • The Tokyo Reels: Revisiting the History of Solidarity Between Palestine and Japan From a Post-Socialist Lens: Fadi AbuNe’meh

  • The Europeanization of Contemporary Turkish Art Cinema Since the 1990s: Transnational European Co-production Mechanisms and the Turkish Independent Film Industry: Ecem Yildrim

  • Emergent Distribution Strategies of Women’s Cinema: Negotiating Historical and Ethnographic Approaches, Ylenia Olibet

12.30-1.30PM, Lunch Break 1.30-3.30PM, Archive/space/infrastructure, GEM Lab

  • Retracing Interdisciplinary Assemblages in Post-War Experimental Cinema: Fragmentation and Archival Research: Lola Rémy

  • Montreal based Russian student in the Baltics: language, architecture (space), and media: Egor Shmonin

  • Methodologies for Future Ruin: Media Infrastructure Studies in Big Tech’s Global Present: Patrick Brodie

  • Discursive and Material Ocean: Film and Media Participation in Oceanic Regimes: Ilona Jurkonyte

4.00pm-6.00pm, FMST Colloquium, FB 407

  • Gaza and the Impossible Methodology: Discipline, Access, Politics: Viviane Saglier, Andrew W. Mellon Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Anthropology & Institute for the Study of International Development (ISID), McGill University

This workshop builds upon the Media and Migration reading seminar in Fall 2019. The group interrogated the shifting theoretical questions about the Cold War, colonialism and their legacies from a historical as well as a contemporary perspective. Foundational concepts of post/socialism, post/colonialism, networks and translation were addressed. In the winter 2020 semester, the group will focus on developing conceptual and methodological models to address this and related issues.

As part of this program, the group will host a 1 day ”Methods in Progress” workshop for PhD candidates in the department. Selected participants will present their ongoing research to the colloquium. The workshop will be structured to provide feedback to help develop appropriate research methodologies, as well as discuss methodological models available for researchers in film and media studies more broadly.


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