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Beyond Inclusion: A Graduate Dialogue on Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Research

//Friday, October 29th 2021

//2-4 PM EST

//Online Event

//Register on Eventbrite


  • Vincent Mousseau, MSW Candidate at UMontréal

  • Jamilah Dei-Sharpe, PhD Candidate (Sociology) at Concordia

  • Dr. Rachel Harris, Librarian at Concordia

  • Dr. Désirée Rochat, PhD (Education) at McGill

  • Nimalan Yoganathan, PhD Candidate (Communication Studies) at Concordia

Event moderated by Gregorio Pablo Rodríguez-Arbolay, PhD Candidate (Humanities) at Concordia

In solidarity with recent exchanges on racial (in)justice in Canada, the GEM Lab presents the second installment of Beyond Inclusion: A Graduate Dialogue on Anti-Racist Pedagogy & Research. This event will highlight the work and experiences of BIPOC students, scholars, and activists who are directly responding through reconceptualizing mainstream teaching and research. This dialogue is designed to share various methods and strategies to challenge normative models of diversity, representation, and inclusion in academic and cultural institutions.

In a series of 2 panels of 2-3 respondents each, 5 BIPOC academics and community scholars/activists will reflect upon their work and experiences in confronting the legacies of white supremacy and systemic racism. Panelists will discuss their current research/activism as it advances the fostering of anti-racist approaches to institutional policies, community engagement, and the classroom.

Attendance for this event is open ONLY to graduate students, recent graduates, community scholars/activists, and junior/untenured faculty. This is in order to encourage affinity and foster a more practical dialogue. This workshop will take the form of an interactive conversation rather than a formal panel discussion.

Please email for more info.


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