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GEM lab screening series 2017/18 - CINEMA IN THE MIDST OF STRUGGLE ​



Organized/curated by Sima Kokotovic, Egor Shmonin​, and Patrick Brian Smith ​

The screening series aims to bring to the fore the relationships formed between cinema and expressions of struggle against neo-liberal practices and policies throughout the last 30 years. Choosing five nodal points of the resistance on the global level, we offer five different films that found its point of emergence in collective politically conscious practices of cine-cultural productions from below. Each of the films comes from different film production practices, belongs to different channels of distribution and is part of specific global cinema and media networks. Each invokes different aesthetic impulses. In this sense films themselves engender a specific form of sensorium, they operate as an expression of amorphous plasticity, a term Bhaskar Sarkar suggested as a way of understanding different scales and temporalities of relations between these global points. This sensorium evades easy characterization. The screening of five films, each bracketed by few framing words beforehand and a discussion, in the end, is imagined in terms of an encounter with this cinematic sensorium allowing us to unpack some of its underlying rationales and mechanics of emergence.

*Screenings will take place at 6pm in GEM lab (FB 630.15) unless otherwise noted. Upcoming locations TBD


October 19th

Handsworth Songs, 1986, Black Audio Film Collective

November 21st

Zapatista, 1999, Eichart et al.

February 3rd, 2018

A Feeling Greater Than Love, 2017, Mary Jirmanus Saba.

*in collaboration with la lumière collective,

and with filmmaker in attendance.

February 15th, 2018

Miners Shot Down, 2014, Rehad Desai.

March 7th, 2018

Joshua Clover's talk: The Two No’s

April, 5th, 2018

X+, 2010, Marylène Negro.

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