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Seminar in Media and Political Theory: CAPTURE

Seminar in Media and Political Theory: CAPTURE April 14-15, 2017 - EV 11.705 (Concordia University) The Seminar in Media and Political Theory is a biannual research workshop hosted by the Global Emergent Media (GEM) Lab at Concordia University. Each seminar brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to discuss key themes at the intersections of media and political theory. Many participants do not identify as either media theorists or political theorists—and indeed, this tension, what gets to constitute these fields, is part of the project of the seminar. In 2016-2017, the themes are media ecologies (December 2-3) and capture (April 14-15).

The theme CAPTURE is pitched widely but intended to emphasize processes of inscription, data capture, and surveillance, on the one hand, and forms of seizure, occupation, and absorption, on the other. Each presenter is given a one-hour time slot (~25 minutes for presentation and ~35 minutes for group discussion). Readings will be circulated ahead of the event to registered participants.

**Registration required. To register email

The workshop will take place in the EV Building, room 11.705 (11th floor, at St Catherine and Rue Mackay)


April 14th (Friday): 10am-5pm (EV 11.705)

10:00am Welcome (Joshua Neves)

10:15am Session 1 (Chair: Martin French)

Lisa Parks (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Illicit Capture of Mobile Phone Signals”

Fenwick Mckelvey (Concordia University), “Optimization: A Critical History”


2pm Session 2 (Chair: Yuriko Furuhata)

Lindsay Thomas (University of Miami), “National Security and the Resilience of the Future”

Weixian Pan (Concordia University), “Manufacturing Atmospheric Excursions”

Jennifer Gabrys (Goldsmiths, University of London), “Capturing Air and Creaturing Data”


April 15th (Saturday): 10am-5pm (EV 11.705)

10:00am - Session 3 (Chair: Maria Corrigan)

The Applicants (Concordia University), “To Be Submitted…”

Bobby Benedicto (McGill University), “Go F*ck Yourself: Boyfriend Twins, Gay Cannibals, and the Death of Suicidal Ecstasy”

12:00pm - LUNCH BREAK

1:00pm - Session 4 (Chair: Katie Russell)

Joshua Neves (Concordia University), “Unmanned Capture”

Pooja Rangan (Amherst College), “Documentary Acousmatics: Voice, Listening, and Captivation”

Diana Allan (McGill University), “Beirut Taxi: The Politics and Poetics of Cramped Space”

4:15-5pm CLOSING DISCUSSION (Chair: Marc Steinberg)

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