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JP Sniadecki Master Class

November 14, 2014 - 10am - J.A. de Sève Theater, Concordia

As a member of the influential Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab (Leviathan, Manakamana), J.P. Sniadecki has explored the social dynamics of contemporary China like no other filmmaker. Sniadecki’s most recent contribution to cinema is The Iron Ministry, an observational exploration of China’s massive rail system. The film is in competition at the RIDM Festival.

Born in Michigan, J.P. Sniadecki is a filmmaker and anthropologist whose films have screened at festivals such as the Berlinale, the Locarno International Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, the Viennale, BAFICI, the Beijing Independent Film Festival, and at museums and galleries such as the Guggenheim and the MoMA in New York, the MAC in Vienna, the UCCA in Beijing and the 2014 Whitney Biennale. He is also a professor of filmmaking in the Performing and Media Arts Department at Cornell University.

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