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 seminar in media and political theory 

 media & migration 

 Primary Focus 

The GEM Lab's 2019-20 Seminar in Media and Political Theory is focused on Media and Migration. This year’s Seminar will include an ongoing reading group, lectures, and screenings, and will culminate in graduate student workshop (February 2020) and international conference (April 17-18, 2020). The seminar will be co-lead by Joshua Neves (GEM Director), Masha Salazkina (CURC), and Ishita Tiwary (Horizon Postdoctoral Fellow).


This reading group focuses on the relationship - either in comparative or transnational terms - between the former Communist bloc and the Global South. It will interrogate the shifting theoretical questions about the Cold War, colonialism and their legacies, and developing a shared conceptual model for describing and assessing these geopolitical flows either from a historical or contemporary perspective. In the Fall Semester, we will focus on the foundational concepts of post/socialism, post/colonialism, networks and practices of translation, and methodology. 

Media & Migration Working Group


2019-2020 Annual Initiatives & Working Groups

Porn Studies at Concordia

Organizers: Rebecca Holt and Nikola Stepić


Animating Television Reading Group

Organizers: Jacqueline Ristola, Cole Armitage, Victoria Berndt, and Alexhadre Vermeil


Politics of Alternative Media (PAM)

Organizers: Giuseppe Fidotta, Sima Kokotovic, and Sanaz Sohrabi

Works-In-Progress Working Group

Organizers: Patrick Brodie, Patrick Smith & Viviane Saglier

Cinema in the Midst of Struggle

Organizers: Marco Meneghin, Sarika Joglekar & Tanvi Rajvanshi

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