2017 GEM Summer Institute - Centro Kim’s, Salemi, Sicily

July 16 - 28, 2017


 -Centro Kim, Via Rocco Chinnici [KIM]

- Castello normanno, piazza Alicia [Castello]

- Ristorante Cotto & Mangiato, via Manfredo Cremona 5 [CM]

- Bistrot, piazza Alicia [Bistrot]

​- Base scout Salemi 1, contrada Sant'Antonicchio [Dorm]

July 16 Sunday (*arrive by 4pm)


7:00pm Opening Ceremony + Aperitivo [Castello]



July 17 Monday


9:00am Joshua Neves, “Parables of Media Globalization” [KIM]


10:30am Regina Longo, ““From the Outside In: Close Encounters with A/V Archives and Collections”” [KIM]


1:30pm Lunch at Kim's [KIM]


2:30pm Elisa Giardina Papa + Paul Soulellis, “Archive Orientation 1 On-site” [KIM]

7:00pm Erika Balsom, “A Cinematic Bayreuth: Gregory Markopoulos and the Temenos” [Castello]


9:00pm Dinner [Bistrot]


July 18 Tuesday


9:00 am Regina Longo + Reto Kromer “Identification, Assessment, and Management of A/V Archives and Collections” [KIM]


1:00pm Lunch [CM]


2:30pm Jeff Scheible, “Cinema’s Analog Futures” [KIM]


4:30pm Joshua Neves, “Sensory Ethnography Clips and Exercise” [KIM]


7:00pm Paul Soulellis + Elisa Giardina Papa in conversation "What if the Archive Forgets Itself?" [Castello]


9:00pm Dinner [CM]


July 19 Wednesday


8:00am Bus to Gibellina > Il Grande Cretto and “Imcompiuto” (Nicolò Stabile + Andrea Masu)


1:00pm Lunch in Gibellina [TBD]


3:30pm Tiziana Terranova, “'Governing the Networked Social: Facebook's Global Community” [Castello]


6:00pm Elisa Giardina Papa + Paul Soulellis + Andrea Masu, “Archive Orientation 2 Off-site” [Castello]


9:00pm Dinner [CM]




July 20 Thursday


9:00am Regina Longo, “Practicum: Digitization Bootcamp Part 1 for VHS and DVD collections” [KIM]


1:00pm Lunch [KIM]


2:30pm Tiziana Terranova + Stamatia Portanova, “Towards a Subaltern Anarchaeology of Digital Media?” [KIM]

6:00pm "Cubotto Workshop" [KIM]


9:00pm Dinner [CM]

July 21 Friday


9:00am Megan Fernandes, “Border Intimacies” [Castello]


11:00am Clemens Apprich, “Media and Paranoia” [Castello]


1:00 pm Lunch [CM]


2:00pm Elisa Giardina Papa + Andrea Masu, “Workshop: Video editing, Animated Gif, VJ” [Castello]


6:30pm Federico Zecca + Giovanna Maina,“Video Didn't Kill the Porn Star: The Adult Industry and the Video Revolution” [Castello]


8:00pm BBQ [Dorm]


July 22 Saturday


Free day


July 23 Sunday


Lunch on your own

1:30pm Regina Longo, "Digitization Bootcamp Part 2 for VHS and DVD Collections [KIM]


5:00pm Screening (w/ Luca Caminati): Pier Paolo Pasolini, Location Scouting in Palestine (1965) and Ayreen Anastas, Pasolini Pa* Palestine (2005) [KIM]


9:00pm Dinner on your own


July 24 Monday


10:00am Luca Caminati, “The Southward Question” [KIM]


12:30pm Lunch [KIM]


1:30pm Elisa Giardina Papa + Andrea Masu “Media Projects in Progress - studio time” [KIM]


7:00pm Federico Rahola, “Spectacle of Border” [TBD]


9:00pm Dinner [CM]


                                                      VIDEO’S ANALOG / DIGITAL FUTURES


July 25 Tuesday


8:00am Depart for Museo Civico di Castelbuono


11.00am Visit the permanent collection w/Dr. Laura Barreca

1:00pm Lunch at "Il Giardino di Venere"

3:00pm New Media Art symposium: Luca Trevisana and Andre Masu


5:00pm Procession of the Corteo Storico delle Chiavi

7:30pm Opening of the Skull at the Cappella Palatina


*Dinner on your own during procession


July 26 Wednesday


10:00am Regina Longo, “Where do we go from here? Turning Centro Kim from Collection to Archive” [KIM]


1:00pm Lunch [CM]


3pm Bhaskar Sarkar, “Pirate Humanities” [KIM]


7:00pm Domenico Quaranta, "Living (in) the Archive" [KIM]


9:00pm Dinner [CM]


July 27 Thursday


10:00am Joshua Neves + Clemens Apprich, "Public Library" [Castello]


1:00pm Lunch [CM]


2:30pm Elisa Giardina Papa + Andrea Masu “Media projects in progress - studio time” [Castello]


8:00pm Dinner on your own


9:00pm Guerilla Projections [TBD]



July 28 Friday


10:30am Group Debrief + Future Plans [Castello]


1:00pm Lunch [CM]


3:00pm Final project preparation [KIM]


7:00pm Final Screening + Closing Ceremony [KIM]

9:00pm Dinner [TBD]


July 29 Saturday