Patrick Brodie


PhD in Film and Moving Image Studies | Concordia University  | Montreal - Canada | Started 2016


MA in  Film Studies | Columbia University | New York - US | 2016


BS in Film and Video | Drexel University | Philadelphia - Us | 2014


Patrick Brodie is a PhD candidate in Film and Moving Image Studies at Concordia University in Montreal. He received his MA in Film Studies from Columbia University. His dissertation project investigates Irish media industries, infrastructure, and built space in relation to financialization in the post-crisis environment. Motivating much of his research is an interest in sovereignty, territory, and categories of the political in the era of finance capital. In particular, he is concerned largely with how global logistical infrastructure coordinates movement across space and time, and where media—as industry or material—is mobilized in this circulatory dynamic of capital. His work has appeared in Nordic Irish Studies Journal, Pause Button, and Synoptique: An Online Journal of Film and Moving Image Studies, and he has forthcoming pieces in Spectator and Culture Machine. He is a member of the Global Emergent Media Lab at Concordia University, a member of the editorial collective of Synoptique, and is co-editing with Weixian Pan and Lisa Han an upcoming issue of the journal entitled “Becoming Environmental: Media, Logistics, and Ecological Change.” His research interests include piracy and informality, media industry studies, logistics and supply chains of media, infrastructure studies, free trade zones, and theories of political subjectivity.


Patrick is currently co-organizing both the Works-in-Progress series and Life-Streaming Working Group. He is also in the organizing committee for The Labour in Media (Studies) Conference.

Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University, 1250 Guy Street, FB 319,Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3H 2T4

Mailing address: Gem Lab, School of Cinema, FB 319, Concordia University, 

1455 Maisonneuve BLVD. West, Montreal, QC Canada, H3G 1M8


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