group funding application 

 Funding Information 

Funding is offered twice per academic year (groups are only eligible to receive funding once per academic year.)


At least one member of an applying group should be lab member or should apply for membership.

The average award will be between $250.00 - 500.00. New members of the lab community and MAs are encouraged to apply.

The Global Emergent Media Lab is committed to supporting Black communities and anti-racist movements and as such is dedicated to inclusion in it's funding choices.

Suitable funding projects might include, but are not necessarily limited to: graduate student conferences, film screenings, and/or talks from guest lecturers. 

Funding Criteria:


  1. Proposals should in some way relate to the mission and research initiatives of the Global Emergent Media Lab. (Global media, digital media, public culture, etc.)

  2. The Principal Contact from the applying group should be a GEM Lab Member. (We encourage all interested parties to become members.)

  3. Priority is given to collaborative proposals.

  4. Groups are encouraged to seek match or additional funding from other available sources. (i.e. Milieux, SGS, CISSC, Department Funds, etc.)

2021-2022 Deadlines:

Please note, the funding deadline for the fall term is September 30th, 2021 and the deadline for the winter term is January 31st, 2022.

If you any questions or concerns please contact Becky Holt at

Application for Lab Funding

Thank you for your interest in GEM Lab co-sponsorship.

Priority will be given to proposals submitted in accordance with the deadlines.
(You can find the deadlines on the left hand column of this page.)

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If you chose "Other Event" or "Other Group" please clearly describe the event or group in the short description field