2020 Fall & Winter Terms 

Hi GEM Lab Members,

As you know, the lab location and mobile equipment reservations have been unavailable since the start of the pandemic. This has been due to access and safety concerns, with most of the lab membership being unable to access the facilities.

This remains true for the lab location itself, which is still inaccessible for lab members. However, our technician is going to be re-opening equipment reservations in a limited capacity to help those graduate students in our community that need access to equipment for their coursework. Since the campus is still off limits to a majority of students, things will work a bit differently for equipment reservations for the foreseeable future

The following equipment is available for reservation:

1x Sony A7sII Mirrorless Camera Kit
     + Carbon Photo Tripod
     + XLR Audio Adapter
     + Camera Cage

1x Canon XA30 Camcorder Kit
     + Lightweight Tripod

1x Go Pro Hero 4 Kit
     + Action Camera Mounts (Chest Mount, Head Mount, Pipe Mount, Hat Clip, Suction Cup)

1x DJI Osmo Pocket Stabilizer Camera
     + Action Camera Mounts can also be reserved with this camera.


1x Zoom H2n Audio Recorder with Integrated Microphone

1x Zoom H5 4 Track Audio Recorder with Stereo Mic Capsule

1x Zoom H6 6 Track Audio Recorder with Stereo and Mid/Side Mic Capsules

1x Rode Stereo VideoMic (3.5mm Stereo Microphone)



1x Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle HDMI / Analogue Video Recorder

  • This is a recorder that can record from HDMI, Component (5 plug), Composite (Three Plug) and S-Video sources.

  • The recorder requires a THUNDERBOLT 2 connection (or a Thunderbolt 3 connection and an Apple Thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter.) This does not necessarily mean a Mac is needed, but few PCs have the requisite connection ports.

  • There are various specificities when trying to record different types, please discuss what type of content you are intending to record with the technician.

     + HDMI Splitter for Video Monitoring (w. power supply)

     + 3x HDMI Cables for connecting splitter

     + 1x Thunderbolt Cable

The details for the current reservation process are as follows:

  1. All equipment reservations are now by email appointment only.
    (Webcheckout will be used for your reservation agreements, but only the technician can make bookings.)

  2. Equipment pickup will be from a location in proximity of Loyola Campus instead of at the GEM Lab location at SGW. (To be confirmed during the reservation process, dropoff will be done at the same location.)

  3. Equipment loans will be for a duration of two weeks, renewals and extension will be at the sole discretion of the technician based on equipment needs of the membership at large.

  4. Preference will be given to FMST course related needs, please specify in your email if your project is associated with coursework.

  5. Equipment reservations / returns will be on Fridays unless otherwise arranged with the technician.

  6. If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 you must alert the technician before your pickup or dropoff.

*Note: This process is subject to change at the discretion of the lab technician without notice, we will aim to have this page updated as necessary.

Otherwise the equipment reservations will function as they were before, described on the main reservation page.

If you need a reservation please email

Stay safe out there,
Teagan, GEM Lab Technician