The GLOBAL EMERGENT MEDIA (GEM) Lab is a unique research platform centered on the critical study of global new media. GEM projects examine emergent media forms and practices in a global context, and address the pressing need to broaden our understandings of media and globalization beyond dominant Western contexts and epistemologies. Key areas of focus include: Asian Media and Modernities; Video Cultures; Media and Migration; Global Smart Technologies; Internet Television and Videographic Research Methods, among many other collaborative projects.

The GEM LAB offers crucial support for the larger CRC Research Program by providing a cutting edge Lab space for day-to-day research activities and special events; digital ethnography projects (including production and postproduction tools), access to a UHD/HD motion picutre film scanner for digitization and archiving; monitoring stations for the capture and analysis of internet video (e.g. “streaming”) and other online platforms, as well as seminars, workshops, master classes, and conferences.

The GEM Lab is open to graduate students, faculty, and other researchers and practitioners. To find out more please join our mailing list, attend an upcoming event, and learn about our current and past initiatives.


Émile-Antoine Bayard and Alphonse de Neuville, from Around the Moon

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