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2020-2021 Race Critical Theories (UPDATED)
GEM EVENT - Embodiement and Black Aesthe
Asymmetries Race, Media and the Asia(s)
OCT 30 - We Messed Up-01
NOV 10 - Race and Affectability
Steamrolling Disks
Asian Video Culture
The Last Angel of History
Media and Migration
2020-20201 Race Critical Theories - Full
Shannon Free Zone - Ireland
Graphic Landscape
Salemi Italy
Malaysian Cinema
GEM Statement on Anti-Blackness and #BLM

There is an ambivalence, even heartbreak, in writing solidarity statements. Because they are so often used as “cover,” in the sense of business as usual or risk management, and because our banks, mobile phone providers, and the university itself has hijacked its language, branding affiliations. And yet to seek out and provide for solidarity and communion is essential. It is essential to our work as teachers and students, researchers and intellectuals, activists and organizers, pessimists and dreamers.


The Global Emergent Media Lab is committed to Black communities and anti-racist movements and to combatting ongoing colonial violence, police brutality, racial capitalism, and white supremacy. We believe in the work of scholars, activists, and organizers and in their demand to examine and to end white supremacy in its systemic, institutional, and everyday forms. We join communities all over the world in mourning and seeking justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Nina Pop, Ahmaud Arbery, ...

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Graphic Landscape

Photo credit: Graham Bury